Is Your AC Unit Running?

Is Your AC Unit Running?

Schedule air conditioning repairs in Nampa, ID

When temperatures heat up, you need a reliable HVAC team to help you if you AC decides to act up. If your AC unit has seen better days, call D&A Heating and Cooling for air conditioning repairs. We will visit your property as soon as possible to:

Assess your AC unit and damages
Make recommendations for repairs
Install new equipment, if necessary

Call D&A Heating and Cooling today for air conditioning repairs in Nampa, ID.

4 signs you need air conditioning repairs

Is your AC unit acting up? If so, call the HVAC experts at D&A Heating and Cooling. Call today to schedule air conditioning repairs if:

1. Your unit is leaking.
2. Your unit won’t turn on.
3. Your unit is making strange noises.
4. Your unit isn’t cooling your home thoroughly.

To schedule an appointment with D&A Heating and Cooling, call 208-455-5158 today.